What if there was an easy way to expand your audience by streaming live events online and creating

a high-impact experience – one that increases attendance and was the next best thing to

being there? Enter Livestream


Livestream lets you stream live events over the Internet, expand your community and engage your

audience when they cannot physically attend your event. Livestream helps the world discover and

experience your live event from anywhere, on any device. From conversations to conferences to concerts, Livestream is the easiest way to take your event online. The Livestream encoder transmits you video to a live feed over the Internet so people can see your event in real time.


Livestream is more than just an instant live feed. It’s a portal for real-time interaction. Livestream

viewers can chat with each other and experience events as they happen. Plus your audience can

seamlessly share the experience with friends across social platforms.


Livestream is a must-have marketing tool for anyone who produces live events. While Livestreaming

can generate direct revenue through sales, advertising, sponsorships and pay-per-view models,

the real benefit empowers you to expand your live event beyond a single location.


• Extend Your Reach

Connect with audiences that cannot physically

attend your event. Grow your audience with

new fans and followers. With Livestream,

you can broadcast your event to a specific

audience, or to anyone on the web.


• Amplify Your Message

Strengthen your presence, and connect

with your audience. By being online, easy

to consume and archived, your Livestream

amplifies your brand.


• Award-winning Platform

As the premier platform for producing live

events online, Livestream works seamlessly

across the web and mobile. Viewers experience

the highest quality video available today

and enjoy interactive and social features like

chatting and sharing.


Our built-in content delivery network (current

partner: Akamai) delivers your content

worldwide and instantly scales to audiences

of any size. Plus powerful analytics help

you measure activity and engagement. With

Livestream, you immediately get the solutions

you need to stream professional quality live

events without the cost of developing the

platform yourself.



• Engage Your Audience

Reel in your audience by allowing them to

experience, share and interact with your brand.

When they’re engaged, they’re more likely to

respond to your call to action, like buying your

product, following you on Twitter or offering

real-time feedback on a campaign.


• Lead the Competition

Show your audience how amazing your event is

by letting them see for themselves. Livestream

is a cost-effective way to market your actual

event and get measureable results. In turn, you

stay ahead of your competitors.


• Satisfied Customers

Leading event owners have been Livestreaming

since 2007. From non-profits to musicians to

brands, our customers choose us because they

know we have end-to-end solutions that meet

their unique needs.