Moving Pixels is a web, video, interactive media and photo production company. We are your ticket to a first class presentation on the Internet. We offer custom services primarily in the middle Tennessee area, though we can consult and oversee events throughout the US. Meetings, conventions, concerts and even weddings are just a sampling of events we have experience covering.


Moving Pixels is proud and very pleased to announce that we have an all new service that has been added to our schedule of services. And this is quickly becoming a major focus and offering for us. The new service is live web streaming of events, to the web and the world, in full resolution, high definition. This newest of services is accomplished with the latest in software and hardware innovations and you will be astounded by the quality of the end product at an affordable price point.


We are proud to be a producer of live web events on the Livestream platform. You can read a lot more about Livestream on the Livestream tab at the left of every page or you can visit our Livestream page with the link below.